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Black Girl Magic Expo

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Black Girl Magic Expo

          The Black Girl Magic Expo is an event hosted by Queens Uplifted that creates space for black women to celebrate similarities and differences. Queens Uplifted is a student organization dedicated to exploring womanhood and the intersections at which black women exist. We define our four values in relation to our organization's purpose and mission. Our values are: self-consciousness, inclusiveness, wellness and community. Our Black Girl Magic Spring Expo has been intentionally programmed around our values. 

             At the Expo, we will encourage our members to find collective and individual consciousness through self-awareness, understanding and appreciation of self. We will do this with activities such as affirmation writing to themselves and their peers. Our Expo will practice inclusiveness by allying with various women at their respective intersections. The event will be founded on our safe space ideals of compassion, acceptance and understanding. Another aspect of our programming is target wellness. We will talk about holistic health and the affects of food and other factors on our overall well-being. The programming will touch on nutrition and food-planning. Queens Uplifted will celebrate community in black women through our Human Museum Program. In this session, students will dress up to portray influential Black women from the past and present. The monologues will highlight Black women's contributions to our community and society.

          As a relatively new student organization, Queens Uplifted is in its beginner stages of fundraising. We have worked hard in preliminary fundraising for this event through T-shirt sales, but we have found we need extra support. Your donation will help bridge the financial gap of hosting the event and allow Queens Uplifted to expand our reach to further impact and empower more women! Queens Uplifted prides ourselves on our ability to respond to the needs of the students. We are very excited to bring this new and innovative event to the University of Southern Mississippi and fill a need for our Southern Miss community. SMTTT!


Please watch our video to learn more about our goals and vision for the Expo:

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Founders Level

The Founders Level is the first level of partnership for the Queens Uplifted Spring Expo. Queens Uplifted was formed with a leadership board of 10 women. Those 10 women worked tirelessly to make an idea come to fruition. They have shown continued dedication to our mission and our vision. In honor of those women, we have created this level.


Teal Level

The Teal Level is the second level of partnership for the Queens Uplifted Spring Expo. The Queens Uplifted colors of teal and gold have become the way the University recognizes our organization. On March 8, 2017 we decorated a room with our colors for the first time and hosted our first event as an official student organization. The event was our first Black Girl Magic Sista Session which helped build the foundation of our Black Girl Magic Expo. This event was our first time creating conversation and community on campus. Its success showed us that Queens Uplifted was a necessary addition to the Southern Miss student community.


Silver Level

In September of 1965, Gwendolyn Armstrong and Raylawni Branch entered this University as the first African American students. As a black woman's organization, it is significant to us to honor these women and their legacy. The Silver Level begins at $53.00 to honor 53 years since Mrs. Armstrong Chamberlain and Mrs. Branch took their brave stand.


Gold Level

The other organization color of Queen Uplifted is gold. The Gold Level represents the fourth level of partnership for the Queens Uplifted Spring Expo. The Gold Level is set at 75 because, with your support, we hope to register at least 75 women at our Expo!


Vision Partner

Queens Uplifted was officially recognized as a student organization January 25, 2017. From then, our organization has worked to fulfill our vision in the Southern Miss community. Our Vision Partner Level signifies the highest level of donation and support in our organization. This level begins at $125.17 to reflect our official founding date of 1/25/17.