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Find a Voice | FUND a Voice, at The Children's Center

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Find a Voice | FUND a Voice, at The Children's Center

“Not being able to speak is not the same as not having something to say.”  ~Rosemary Crossely

At The Children’s Center, we know first-hand just how much truth lies in this statement. We currently provide cost-free therapy for over 100 children in Southern Mississippi and while their needs are wide-ranging, the one thing that all of our children have in common is a difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

Some come to us having never uttered a word, while others are talking up a storm, but in a language all their own, indiscernible to others. Imagine wanting desperately to tell the world what you’re thinking, but being incapable of doing so.

Every child deserves to be able to communicate successfully – to play with a friend, to tell their family when they’re hungry, happy, or frustrated, to protest or to celebrate, and to express love. And the good news is they absolutely can, if given the right tools and therapy to do so. And our staff at The Children’s Center is 100% committed to providing these tools, tailoring their therapy to find the best way for each child to express him/herself.

But we need your help. As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the support of generous individuals like yourself. And no amount is too small. By choosing to contribute to our Find a Voice | Fund a Voice campaign, you are helping a child gain the ability to communicate with the world around him. What an invaluable gift.

Kenny and Vicki Scianna came in contact with The Children's Center about a year ago and were so moved by the work that is done in this place that they set up an endowment in the name of their daughter, Blair, who died 5 years ago, but whose life continues to touch all who were fortunate enough to know her. Blair, who was born with cerebral palsy, was non-verbal, but had no problem expressing her abundant love, joy, wit, and wicked sense of humor with all who met her. The Sciannas saw a passion in the staff at The Children's Center and a mission that resonated with theirs, and they hope that you'll join them in making sure that children like Blair can continue finding their voice at The Children's Center by making a contribution to Find a Voice | Fund a Voice, which goes directly to this memorial endowment. 

Thank you so much for your consideration.

NOTE: If you'd like to contribute at a level not shown in the pre-set giving levels, just click the "give now" button and enter your custom amount!

Choose a giving level


1 Adapted Book

This amount could provide one book, specifically adapted to suit the needs of our children with language and motor delays.


1 Adapted Toy

This amount could provide one toy specifically adapted to encourage play and communication among our children.


1 Adaptive Switch

Adaptive switches are one of the ways our children who are non-verbal or who have significant language delays are able to communicate. Phrases are programmed into a large round "button" and our children press the button when they want to say that phrase.


1 Month Hippotherapy - 1 Child

At The Children's Center, we partner with Purposeful Refuge to provide hippotherapy (think horses, not hippos) for the children at The Center who can benefit from it. This type of therapy helps encourage the use of language or other forms of communication, as well as exercising important motor skills, all while having a whole lot of fun!


Hippotherapy + 1 Adaptive Toy

This amount could provide one month of hippotherapy for one child and one adaptive toy. (See above listing for descriptions.)


2 Adaptive Switches + 1 Toy

This amount could provide 2 adaptive switches (giving 2 children the ability to express themselves verbally) and 1 adapted toy. (See above listings for descriptions.)


1 PODD Book

We use a special kind of book (PODD book) as a form of communication for our children who are non-verbal or have language delays. For many children, this book is the key to being able to express themselves. This amount could provide one PODD book, allowing one child the opportunity to communicate with the world around him/her.


2 PODD Books

This amount could provide 2 PODD books, giving 2 children the ability to communicate with the world around them. (See above listing for description.)


Sound System Microphone

At The Children's Center, we use sound systems to better communicate with children who have language delays or hearing impairments. These systems help our children hear more clearly, especially in settings with significant background noise. This amount could provide the microphone portion of this sound system, which is worn by our clinicians.


Sound System Speakers

This amount could provide the speakers needed for the sound system described in the above listing.